The first site to talk about street art

The website focuses on urban art worldwide.

What is street art?

31063_104472652932513_8208579_nStreet art or urban art is defined by the graffiti that young people tend to paint on walls and public buildings. Tables imagined arise solely from inspiration and points of artists. Each of them have their own sources of inspiration but in general, they paint from highlights , positive or negative. There are graffiti artists ( the names given to these urban artists) everywhere around the world .

The site offers ?

Since street art is now a global phenomenon, it is to promote it as the site was created. It includes :

  • Works : giant paintings of urban art are not in galleries or museums and this is why we do not know . Our site is off in search of these great works and gather here on images to give users a chance to know what urban art .
  • Biographies of artists today , there are over a hundred artists really keyed on urban art . Who are they ? Where did they come from? What are their techniques? You will find all the answers here.
  • Evidence : in the street art, the artists there but there is also the public. In the audience, there are those who actually take the time to look at graffiti and you will find their stories .
  • Some news : the graffiti artists are struggling to communicate with each other and on this site , we allow them to get to know and share their experiences. It is also a page where fans can discover the latest in this area.