SkillOnNet and Microgaming deal to benefit VipStakes Casino indirectly

Microgaming is working closely with other software developers and also companies runningvip_stakes_casino online casinos.

VipStakes Casino is of the flagship operators and whenever new games are released, these are introduced here fast.

In 2017, the developers came up with a press release that announces the complete integration of SkillOnNet to its platform. This is yet another important milestone for them in their constant expansion and highlights the ambitions for 2017.

VipStakes Casino players have nothing to worry about, since they already enjoy access to all of the popular games. However, there are entitled to be optimistic and regard this as great news, since it confirms Microgaming’s intentions to keep expanding. Meanwhile, those who have an account here can enjoy the best sports slots and also the games with the best bonus rounds. Sometimes these genres overlap, so they hit two birds with one stone.


The lineup of games expected to grow in 2017

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