Ladbrokes Casino to benefit from EveryMatrix products

Ladbrokes Casino is not the kind of gambling operator to dwell on its success, no matter howlogo-ladbrokes good things are going.

It does the exact opposite and always tried to better itself, by aligning its business with the industry leaders.

There is no shortage of software developers but few come close to the quality of service offered by Endorphina. As the producer of casino games is making strides in 2017, some of its best games are already available here before they hit the stores anywhere else.

More good news come from the software developer as it has announced a partnership with EveryMatrix. These guys are award-winning B2B software solution providers with a flawless track record in some great games produced.

The partnership means that the software developer will use the new technology to create even better games. These are going to be available at most online casinos using their software and Ladbrokes Casino is at the top of the list.

As far as players are concerned, the partnership affects them directly and in a very beneficial way. They will get to enjoy new titles without having to wait for their release and will be able to play these games on mobile devices.

These things go hand-in-hand nowadays when smartphones and tablets are routinely used for online gambling. Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO was quick to celebrate the partnership and expressed his satisfaction for signing the contract with Endorphina.

The software developer will also benefit greatly from this agreement and the perks will become self evident in a not so distant future. They are on developing spree and have produced dozens of great games in the second half of 2016. Now that their games are acknowledged as top of the crop worldwide, there is tremendous interest for them among online casinos. They can afford to sign deals only with operator that the regard as trustworthy, so this is a good Q4 players as well.

Jan Urbanec, VP Sales at Endorphina was just as happy with the partnership and looks forward to see its consequences. He told the media that the company he represents is honored to be partnered to one of the industry leaders.

There are great prosperity is for growth and now that these two professionals shook hands, both parties should benefit. This is just the tip of the iceberg and many more changes are down the road, which will ultimately benefit Ladbrokes Casino players.