How to choose your sports betting site?

When bookmakers made the transition from conventional gambling to the Internet arena, there were only a handful capable of providing steady service.

Now we have so many opportunities and options at our disposal that it is much more difficult to make an informed decision.

The inability of choosing the proper partner, can result in a string of frustrations and in the long run money can be lost. That’s why a little research goes a long way and the return on investment will make this effort worthwhile.


Emphasize security and reputation

A bookmaker that also runs an online casino and a poker room while having a land-based presence is obviously a better choice than a new operator. The longer they’ve been in this line of work, the more reasons bookies have to maintain the highest security standards and keep customers happy.

Past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future results, but you are more likely to avoid fraud and deceit if you stick to a partner that has a flawless track record.

The financial solidity and reputation of a bookmaker are two of the essential criteria, with the quality and security of transactions being equally important. A reliable customer support, with specialists that are fluent in English, friendly and responsive is a sign of trustworthiness.

The rogue operators can’t afford to hire specialists and put together a crew of amateurs, hoping their customers won’t notice.

Diversity of markets and odds value

One of the reasons for making the transition to online gambling is to enjoy a broader spectrum of betting options.


Even if you presently focus on a rather narrow niche and prefer to bet on a single sport, give yourself some options and choose a bookmaker that has a nice diversity of markets. This goes beyond the number of sports offered and includes the selection available for live betting and ante-post wagering.

Perhaps the most important thing when choosing a bookmaker is to find a partner that offers better than average odds. In the long run, this is what keeps you profitable and many breakeven players are actually winning ones who made the mistake of choosing an unreliable bookie.

It goes without saying that they will always try to offer lower odds, but keep in mind that the industry average is 5.1% and don’t sign up for real money accounts with a bookmaker that posts higher numbers.