David Peters triumphs in the EPT Malta €10,300 High Roller

The European Poker Tour stopped for brief while in Malta, where the highroller epttournament brought together some of the best poker players in the world.

The buy-in was prohibitive at more than €10,000, but with a first prize of almost €600,000, it is definitely worth playing.

The winner was also expected to receive the amazing SLYDE watch that is routinely awarded to the ones who emerge victorious in the prominent tournaments of the EPT.

PokerStars was the sponsor behind this tournament and this explains why so many poker professionals who usually play exclusively over the Internet found it worthwhile to participate.

Many of them were eliminated before the bubble burst, but the final table was littered with pros, with the outcome being very difficult to anticipate. One by one they were eliminated and by the time three handed play began, it was pretty clear that David Peters was favorite to win the event.

Viacheslav Goryachev had the second deep stack, after eliminating some of the best poker players throughout the day. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t hold on to his lead and was eliminated by David Peters from the United States.

The decisive hand was actually a coin flip and unfortunately for the Russian his starting hand was eventually defeated, leaving Ivan Luca to challenge the leader.

The Argentinean was the most active one of the final table and he took large chunks of the stacks of the short stackers, to consolidate his own.

He shifted into a less aggressive gear and this strategy paid off, as he gradually added chips to have a fighting chance when the heads up starting.

The fact that he was trailing David for the entire time was definitely frustrating and unfortunately for Ivan, he chose the worst possible time to go all in.

He still won almost €400,000, which is a lot of money and an excellent return on investment, but it was David Peters who took home the main prize.

The elegant watch represents only the icing on the cake, with almost €2 million being split among the finalists as you can see below:

Place Name Country Payout
1 David Peters United States €597,000
2 Ivan Luca Argentina €397,000
3 Viacheslav Goryachev Russia €290,500
4 Artem Metalidi Ukraine €234,500
5 Charles Carrel United Kingdom €183,800
6 Nick Petrangelo United States €139,000
7 Igor Yaroshevskyy Ukraine €102,000
8 Sylvain Loosli France €75,000
9 Nicola D’Anselmo Italy €62,200

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